Exciting Hobby classes at myNEST such as Chess, Kaleidoscope, Poppy Petals, Science Club, Bollywood free style dancing, Drawing, Light Music and vocals, German and French language class. For details, Click on the tab 'Fun-n-learn programs' below for more details.
myNEST is home for your precious, young ones in the journey of their first steps into the world outside.

It is an acknowledged and researched fact that the first five years of life are critical to the development of the child’s mind, attitude, values and concepts. We strongly believe that it is during these years that the foundations of emotional, intellectual, physical and social skills are built leading to Overall Child Development.

At myNEST, we offer pre-schooling, flexi-hours day care with nutritious meals, creativity development, personality development, homework assistance, extra-curricular activities, indoor and outdoor play areas and field trips. All this, while making sure that your child remains as young, innocent and loving as he would be in your care. After all, we let Children be Children.

Gone are the days when day care centers and activity classes were the requirements of only working parents looking to balance their homes and careers simultaneously. Today, even homemakers and parents living in joint families prefer sending their children to a day care, knowing fully well that children learn, share and care in peer groups, This is where they learn to mingle, work in teams beside learning to be independent, traits that will remain with them for life.

We appreciate your need for support in nurturing your little angels and giving them a joyous childhood experience while you pursue your dreams, be it making a successful home or pursuing an ambitious career.

Children are GOD's ways of bringing happiness into our lives. At myNEST, we spread that happiness around. Watch your little ones grow up, see them live your dreams and bring that smile to your face.

Come join us in this fun-filled journey along with your child.....you will likely re-discover your own childhood …..