Exciting Hobby classes at myNEST such as Chess, Kaleidoscope, Poppy Petals, Science Club, Bollywood free style dancing, Drawing, Light Music and vocals, German and French language class. For details, Click on the tab 'Fun-n-learn programs' below for more details.

At myNEST, we take child education beyond the classroom. Which means, your child gets the opportunity to develop co-curricular and extra-curricular skills along with his academic development.

In these days of hectic lifestyles and balancing work with home, parents are often not able to spend quality time with their children. On the other hand, we also appreciate the need for parents to have their own space amidst their busy lifestyle.

myNEST enables you to share some of your responsibilities with us without compromising your child's development


Our flexible DAY CARE programme provides you an alternative Home for your child while freeing up time for you to devote to your Career, your Family or your own self.
You also get the opportunity to borrow from our extensive TOY LIBRARY which carries a range of handpicked objects of fun and learning for your child

Our after school ACTIVITY classes comprising Jolly Phonics, Reading , Dance classes, Drawing class, Enrichment classes, Tuition classes, Science Camps, Vacation camps provide you with an opportunity for enhanced overall child development.
Day care
(Age from 2 to 12 years)

We offer flexible Day care options starting from 8am to 7.30pm from Monday to Saturday depending on your requirements. Here, not only does your child enjoy in our homely atmosphere, but is also provided with nutritious and sumptuous meals

Full day » best suited for working parents to adjust with their full-day work hours
Half day » for parents who work part-time or have busy, extended household routines
Flexi-Hours (after/before school) » allows you to adjust your personal time and routines with your child's schooling hours

Adhoc daycare (hourly basis) » gives you the freedom to attend to emergencies or unplanned personal schedules

Toy library Rounded Rectangle: FUNSKOOL
(Age 1 to 10 years)

A child grows up with Toys. These are one of his first friends and objects of contact in his journey of fun, joy, physical development and learning.

We offer a variety of toys from the world of Funskool (www.funskoolindia.com), a Toy brand known for its highest standards of quality and excellence, for children of the age group 1 year to 10 years.

Each toy in our Library is hand picked, with regular new additions from amongst the latest introductions.

Toys can be borrowed  from our Library once every week for a pre-determined period or retained for extended periods as desired.

Activity Klub
(Various Age Group)

  • Personality Development (includes Culture, Morals and Values, Body language, Etiquette, Communication and Presentation skills, Time Management, Team Building and Leadership)
  • Summer / Winter / Vacation fun camps
  • Reading and writing
  • Enrichment class
  • Story Telling
  • Science club and aeromodelling
  • Bollywood free style dance class
  • Birthday Parties
Science Club
(Age 4 years to 12 years , Junior and Senior Science club)

Science club helps children in familiarizing with basic science concepts, arouse their interest in the world of science, hands on experiments and activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) with a stress on daily life science.

      (Age 4 to 8 years)

Enrich your child with this after-school hours fun-n-learn program. Learning beyond formal education. Develops overall personality , gain confidence, enhance creativity, improve motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Art class
(Age 4 to 12 years)

Colors are known to stimulate creativity in young minds. In this programme, we use simple techniques and introduce your child to the world of colors and creativity.

Our well-structured and designed curriculum makes use of Oil pastels, Crayons and Water Colors and transports  your child to a world full of fun and creativity.

Handwriting skills
(Age 8 years and above)

A child's handwriting is the first impression that he delivers while presenting written feedback. A good hand is often read as a sign of neatness and meticulous effort. On the other hand, speed is equally important to ensure that a written task is completed in the given time frame.

Our Handwriting Programme helps make neat and legible written work and ensures that your child is able to write his assignments quickly and crisply.

(Age 8 years and above)

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. Its use extends from functional inscriptions to hand lettering to fine art. This programme helps your child develop artistic handwriting.

Homework Assistance
(Age 5 years to 14 years)

Qualified tutors at myNEST help children in completing homework and understanding concepts, preparing for their school exams.

For more details on the programs, please click on tab 'Fun-n-learn programs'