Exciting Hobby classes at myNEST such as Chess, Kaleidoscope, Poppy Petals, Science Club, Bollywood free style dancing, Drawing, Light Music and vocals, German and French language class. For details, Click on the tab 'Fun-n-learn programs' below for more details.
26-Dec-2013 - Mrs. Ruchi Mishra, Preschool , Daycare
For me IPIL MY NEST is a .. read more
23-Dec-2013 - Mrs.Akalpita Tupe, Preschool
I just want to let .. read more
23-Dec-2013 - Mrs. Nupur Sharma, Preschool
The annual day function of.. read more
17-Oct-2013 - Mrs. Meera Thakur, Preschool
Viraaj getting ready for .. read more
04-Apr-2013 - Mrs.Deepali Ganatra, Preschool
"I play I learn has..... read more
01-Apr-2013 - Mrs. Rashmi Mehrotra , Preschool
"Hi, Wish you...... read more
26-Mar-2013 - Mrs. Uthra Renganathan, Preschool
" I would personally...... read more
14-Jan-2013 - Mrs. Ruchika Wadhwa, Preschool
"I Play I Learn and myNEST..... read more
11-Jan-2013 - Mrs. Seema Goel, Preschool
"Akshara enjoys going .. read more
10-Jan-2013 - Mrs. Smita Agarwal, Preschool
"I must say.. read more
23-Dec-2012 - Mrs. Poonam Jorra, Preschool, Daycare
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20-Dec-2012 - Mr. Vijay, Abacus, Diwali camp, Kreative Klub, Drawing
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18-Dec-2012 - Ms. Rasika, Thangaonkar, Daycare, Enrichment Club
"Anika being a .. read more
16-Dec-2012 - Mr. Nitin Shendye, Daycare,Enrichment Club, Abacus, Diwali Camp
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16-Dec-2012 - Mr. Jitendra Kadam, Preschool
"I am completely.. read more
15-Dec-2012 - Mr. Sameer Satam , Preschool
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14-Dec-2012 - Mr. and Mrs. Kulkarni, Daycare,Playgroup,Diwali Camp
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15-Sep-2012 - Mr. Ramesh Kanna, Preschool
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07-Jul-2012 - Mrs. Rupali Nakhare, Preschool
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24-May-2012 - Mr. Patil, Summer Camp
"I thank you for .. read more
08-Apr-2012 - Mrs. Gauri Ranade
"Well equipped playschool.. read more