Exciting Hobby classes at myNEST such as Chess, Kaleidoscope, Poppy Petals, Science Club, Bollywood free style dancing, Drawing, Light Music and vocals, German and French language class. For details, Click on the tab 'Fun-n-learn programs' below for more details.
Summer Camp
01-Mar-2017 - Summer Camp 2017
Dear Parents, Like .. read more
24-Dec-2014 - Magic Maths (Vedic Maths)
Explore tricks of solving complex mathematical sums quickly and accurately.. read more
14-Nov-2014 - Childrens Day Celebration
myNEST welcomes friends and siblings of our preschoolers for a fun-filled party on the occasion of Childrens day.. read more
01-Apr-2014 - Summer Camp 2014
Summer Fun-Fiesta for kids and mothers.... read more
29-Mar-2014 - Graduation day 2014
Graduation day - Preschoolers.. read more
29-Mar-2014 - myNEWBEGINNINGS
.. read more
18-Jan-2014 - Annual Sports Meet
The new year .. read more
21-Dec-2013 - Grand Annual Day
Annual Day at Kashinath Natyagruha .. read more